Line in the Valley

The Texas border is under attack. Police are overwhelmed and refugees flee in terror from eight small towns. Sergeant Jerry Nunez and his soldiers are ordered to retake one town from an unknown enemy. During the desperate fight Nunez discovers how inhuman people can truly be, struggles to carry on despite tragic losses, and is forced to peer into the depths of his own brutality. And he learns a lesson as painful as it is true: for a warrior, loss of freedom and honor is a worse fate than death.

Love Me When I’m Gone

Love Me When I’m Gone is a tale for the ages, the perfect blend of action, romance, heroes, villains, patriotism and valor. What holds this story above all others? This one is true. Rob had a pretty rough childhood: given up for adoption as an infant, brought into a family of highly decorated military men, suffering the loss of his mother to cancer, and his rebellion which landed him in military school. When he finally returns home he meets Cindy, who quickly becomes his best friend. After graduation, however, the two go off to college at opposite ends of Texas, and their paths separate. Eight years later, when Rob returns home from SERE school and being a POW in the cold North Carolina woods, he wakes up one morning to discover that Cindy has contacted him on Myspace; he is very surprised, as he has been searching for Cindy for the past few years. The two reunite to spend Rob’s month of leave together, both knowing at the end he will be leaving for the illustrious 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), the elite Battalion of Green Berets stationed in Germany for quick-reaction missions around the globe. Rob’s time in Germany is a whirlwind; his first trip to Iraq, in which he encounters three distinct situations which will haunt him for the rest of his life; HAVE-ACE, the Special Operations school which Rob attends with his team and finally becomes one of them; Africa, where Rob learns many valuable lessons about life, and Afghanistan, where Rob and his team are tested in many life-or-death situations, including Operation Payback where he and The Captain are wounded in a sustained firefight in the middle of a village, and his final trip to Iraq with 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). The culmination of the story is the quintessential fairy-tale ending; Rob moves to California to spend the rest of his days, and the final chapter is the full military wedding, complete with his teammates as groomsman and sword bearers.

Proof of Our Resolve

Proof of Our Resolve” is a novel about a Texas Army National Guard infantry platoon deployed to Afghanistan. This books attempts to convey some of the experiences of soldiers serving in Afghanistan through a fictional platform. The characters are representative of and much like the Soldiers and Marines one would find in a combat unit. The story’s environment and tactical operations are as close to real as possible.

And Then I Cried: Stories of a Mortuary NCO

And Then I Cried: Stories of a Mortuary NCO” is the first work from Justin Jordan. Jordan details life as an Air Force Mortuary Non Commissioned Officer. In his stunning debut Jordan forces the reader to walk beside him on his journey in this gruesome world. Jordan holds nothing back, and shares in graphic detail how he honored Americas heroes, both at deployed locations and stateside. This book will pry your eyes wide open as you gasp from the sheer horror he faced daily, from dealing with the families of the fallen, to witnessing the embalming and preparations of the deceased. Jordan also shares how this job taxed his mental well being, as he suffered in silence, longing not to care. Jordan is still serving on Active Duty and suffers from the crippling effects of PTSD, his story will enlighten you, it will touch you, and yes, you will cry.

Zuzu’s Petals

Kevin’s story is one filled with heartaches and triumphs. Told firsthand, it is a personal journey in which one man struggles to find meaning through his own experiences with religion, war, death, physical disability, cancer, and depression. Ultimately, through meditation and the practice of yoga, he finds peace and turns tragedy into triumph. Kevin’s story will inspire anyone who seeks to find sanity and simplicity in an insane and complex world.